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Arizona Exposures is a resource and community for photography enthusiasts of all experience levels. Here, we’ll explore many aspects of photography through discussion, example, and participation in group projects. Topics span from digital capture to post-processing, camera gear, from inspiration to execution. The participants of Arizona Exposure’s community are very important that makes you a VIP, our readers comments, messages, websites, and photos are highlighted as often as possible in order to give others a chance to be recognized for their efforts. In general, the concept of Arizona Exposures is to explore the medium of photography and learn from each other as we make our way through this hobby and profession.

The photographers best pose

The photographers best pose

My name is Dennis Brownfield, and I run and operate this site. I consider myself to be a fellow enthusiast when it comes to photography. Even though my profession is photography, when I’m not working to pay the bills I out trying new things, pushing my skills and constantly challenging myself.

I use this website to share what knowledge I have gained over my years in photography. Topics can span shooting tips, buying guides, editing techniques, and various other subjects. The site is focused on the following weekly articles, just follow the links to see the latest in each category.